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‘Fésta de São João’ [Feast Day of Saint John the Baptist] Celebrations Friday, 22 June, 2018


Friday 22nd June promises to be a ‘one-stop’ evening of variety at the Club in celebration of Saint John’s Eve which falls this year the day after, on 23rd June. 
At 5.30pm there will be a Mass on the 27th floor Salao Nobre de Camoes led by our respected community member Fr. Marciano Baptista.
Buffet dinner commences at 6.30pm on the 26th floor Sala Leal Senado then the celebrations continue with a live Baile music night from around 7.15pm on the 24th floor Bar and Lounge when the trio of international musicians João Mascarenhas, Karen Linker and Simon Williams will have a special performance playing a selection of jazz, bossa nova and contemporary music. 
All members and their guests are welcome to attend either all of the day’s celebrations of Mass, dinner and music night, or, any of the three individual functions. When booking please clearly specify what events you wish to attend. Reservations are not needed for Mass.

Date: Friday, 22nd June, 2018
Time: From 5.30pm 
Venue: 27th, 26th and 24th floors





Cost (Where applicable)

5.30pm to 6.15pm




27th  Floor

Salao Nobre de Camoes


Not Applicable

6.30 to 8pm

Buffet Dinner


To Celebrate

Fésta de São João

26th Floor

Sala Leal Senado

·   Member and Spouse: $300 each

·   Children $200

   (17 Years Old and Below)

·   Adult Guests: $350

7.15pm to 10.15pm


Live Music

Trio of International Musicians

24th Floor

Bar and Lounge

Piso Comendador Arnaldo De Oliveira Sales


For members not attending the dinner, a $200 minimum spending on food and beverage per person is required to join the Live Music.




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