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Coimbra Fado Performance at Club Lusitano


Dear Members,

Club Lusitano is delighted to invite you to a one-time only Coimbra fado performance that will take place at 8pm on Friday, 26 October, 2018.

The Passion of Coimbra Fado

 “Although Coimbra fado originated in the cobbled streets of the city, it is also performed and enjoyed indoors on a daily basis at Fado ao Centro by passionate and talented musicians, all of whom are current and former students of Coimbra University. Our genuine love of fado is portrayed through our music which penetrates the heart and soul of the audience, even if they don’t understand a word of Portuguese.

 Fado ao Centro can be translated as “fado in the centre” or “fado to the centre”. We like to think of it as “fado to the core” – of our country, our city and ourselves. Our love of fado is so strong that we want to share it with others, be they fellow musicians and academics, local fans who enjoy allowing themselves to be transported by the emotions aroused by our songs, or curious visitors who may never even have heard of Coimbra fado”.

[Source: Fado ao Centro literature]