Welcome to the website of Club Lusitano. Here you will find information on our venerable yet vibrant club which resides in the centre of one of the world’s greatest and most multifaceted cities. The club has remained a constant home and heart for Hong Kong’s small but active Portuguese community for over 150 years since it’s founding on the 17th December 1866.  Membership remains open to persons of ‘Portuguese nationality or extraction’.

The clubhouse was originally located on Shelley Street, then in 1922, moved to Ice House Street.  The current building, the third clubhouse on the site, was completed in 2002 with the club occupying the top 23rd to 27th floors of the building. In 2019 the clubhouse underwent an extensive renovation thereby extending its services and standards expected of a boutique premium social club in the heart of Central District.   

In this website you will find information on the facilities the club provides as well as news of upcoming and recent events. You will be able to take a tour of the premises of which we are rightly proud, while learning about the Club’s illustrious history and the great culture and influence of the Portuguese people. É com muito gosto que vos desejamos as boas vindas ao Clube Lusitano!

With great pleasure we welcome you all to Club Lusitano!

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